Weaving dreams into precious stones to create jewellery that dazzle every gaze

Vidhya Jewellers is 69 year old establishment is the unparalleled supremo of the jewellery business in Meerut. The family business started by Late Shri Dr. Vidhya Sagar Rastogi, who was renowned & leading enterprenure. This successful Endeavour is today in the proficient hands of the third generation. The Brand of Vidhya Jewelers founded by Late Shri Dr. Vidhya Sagar Rastogi in the year of 1949 with our sarrafa bazaar Meerut city showroom, Which is now initiate by The Chairmen of Vidhya Jewellers & Bankers Shri Prishen Kumar Rastogi. We are passionate & commited to challenging the way jewellery is designed , acquired & adorned. We stand for jewelery that is elegant, contemporary and exquisite. Vidhya Jewellers design is immortalin its essence – realized to be passed from one generation to the next. As for as the collection are concerned, we have jewellery for all kind of people and all kind of choices or aesthetic collection defineethnicity & elegance. We have all right from the customary to the contemporary types…from occasion to daily wear our in house designers come up with exclusive varieties a meticulous research. As the demand get more challenging it is even pleasing to provide what your customer expect from you. It is the trust that binds them with us for years & generations. Vidhya Jewellers & Bankers is called for an organization that impart trust & has a legacy that boosts of ethical business and complete product reliability. To serve its customer better Vidhya Jewellers & Bankers has a product diversification of Gold, Silver, Diamond, Precious & Semi-Precious stones. Our policy is to offer top quality merchandise to our customers at the best possible price .Your complete satisfaction is the goal that we always strive towards